Key Features of Sqlite Database Forensics


Why Use Sqlite Forensics Explorer ?


Putting forward simply, the Sqlite Database Forensics provides you access to more data in the Sqlite which can be crucial for the investigation. Sqlite are increasingly in demand and being used by many OS and browsers platforms including android, Ios , chrome etc. Ever increasing demand leads to the involvement of Sqlite Database as a source of artifacts and evidence in investigation. The Forensics Tool simplifies the investigation and can be rich source of evidence carving.

Multiple custodian management features allows the case management efficiently with multiple custodians in a single case and also the Sqlite forensic tool tenders the feature to support multiple database entry in a single case which accomplish the Sqlite forensic task easily.Data Indexing feature of Sqlite Forensics Explorer is the unique one which make forensics a easy task in large database.The Sqlite forensics tool can actively be used for android, linux or chrome forensics by presenting the cookie data or any other data in managed way.So using Sqlite Forensic Explorer for Sqlite Database investigation is clever decision.

Core features Of Sqlite Forensic Explorer.

sqlite os and browsers

There is no doubt on the popularity of Sqlite as database manager among the embedded device user. But the stiff reality to except is that cases involving embedded device as artifacts has been increased so Sqlite database Forensics is a vital process implicated in investigation. Most time the professional rely on Swiss army type forensics tools to perform SQlite Forensics Tool, this may leads to the inappropriate evidence carving. But know with increase in technology criminals are also getting smarter so Sqlite Database Forensic can be source of important and crucial evidence or artifacts.So in this process use of appropriate tool is important in evidence carving. Focal features:

  • Manage Multiple Custodian and database entry in a single case which can help in preparing a good case report.
  • Data Indexing Feature help to index data in large files
  • Support hex | deleted| Properties View of SQlite Database.

How to perform Sqlite Database Forensics of various OS ?

At present Sqlite database is popularly used frontend database manager in most of the embedded devices using various operating system and browsers. The Sqlite Forensics tool can be used to perform forensics of the Sqlite database supported by various OS such as Linux, Android, Mac and Windows.

sqlite os and browsers

Sqlite is the most portable database present as the reason behind this is that the database support binary compatible file through which it can be used is any OS effortlessly. OS interface is one of the main dominate reason behind the success of Sqlite database. Read More


Android is the most used and popular OS which power many embedded devices, if we see the market analysis for android it is the booming center among the mobile users. Android Sqlite Database Forensics can successfully and efficiently performed using the forensics tool. Read More

linux forensics

Growing popularity of Linux may create situation for the forensics analyst in which Linux may be there in the computer. So at this situation tool can be helpful for analyzing the Linux database files. Read More

mac forensics

Mac in simple words is a graphical user interface based Operating system. If we see the comparison graph use of Mac OS is less than the Android but still many time forensics expert encounter with the cases involving Mac as Operating system, so Mac Sqlite forensics is an important aspect. The forensics browser can be used to perform MAC database files forensics. Read More

windows forensics

Windows is the most popular among the all OS used in embedded devices. As windows supporting Sqlite database in devices is the most common scenario the forensisc researcher will encounter. The Sqlite Database forensics tool can be used to perform evidence carving from windows Sqlite database files. Read More

Iphone Forensics


Iphone Sqlite Forensics can also be performed using the features of the Sqlite Forensics Tool.As many times forensics researcher stuck I the cases were IOS is used in the phones. Read More

How to perform Forensics of Sqlite database of various browsers?

Sqlite is being supported by many browsers such as chrome and Mozilla.These browsers use Web SQL Database technology. The internally managed database of browsers can be used as rich source of artifacts at the times of forensics, as this database contains information like cookies, contacts and bookmarks.

sqlite os and browsers

Chrome Sqlite forensics can be perform using this tool to carve the information using maintained database of cookies, bookmarks etc. Read More


The forensics Tools can be used to perform Mozilla Browser Sqlite Forensics, were the internal Sqlite database management files are being used to carve evidence from the database. Read More

Sqlite Viewer Tool Screenshots

select file type
Step 1: Open Forensics Tool
browse sqlite file
Step 2: Browse Database file
add sqlite file
Step 3: Add Sqlite Database
preview sqlite file data
Step 4: Analyze Sqlite File

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Software Specifications

Size: 13.3 MB Version: 2.0

The Demoware only allows to scan and preview the SQlite Databasae File

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Forensics Tool Faqs

Is Old version file, Sqlite3 files and database Engine Files are supported in the forensics tool?

Yes the Sqlite forensics tool allows to perform forensics in all older versions Database, OS ,Browsers datbase and Database Engine file of Sqlite.

How the tool handle the large database file ?

Their is a option supported in the Forensics Tool know as Data indexing which will help to index data in large file making forensics easy.

Is the forensics tool capable to handle multiple database in single case.?

Yes the Sqlite forensics tool support multiple database entry in a single case and also allow to add multiple custodian entry in a sigle case.

Is tool support corrupt database recovering ?

Yes the user can recover and view the corrupt database by using the scanning utility .The utility will repair the corrupt database and will recover the database for forensics.

Is the software compatible with Windows and OS versions?

Yes, tool supports 8.1 and all the below versions of Windows and all the OS versions file also.

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