About Us

  We Develop, We Enhance and We Simplify


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Foster from a seed of solitary thought Upgrade Addition emerges as a pro version of Freeware, with the efforts of our professional team. We are a team of computer forensics experts and experienced recovery experts and these highly qualified peoples are working together to make Forensics and Recovery an effortless chore by introducing Forensics Version. Our tools are raised with the mindset of edifying the Forensics and reducing the efforts of Forensic experts in carving evidence.

Our Mission

Our team is poised to put forward new features in our software to simplify technology and to present best and economical solution to our customers. We have started with a simple mission of developing software which will simplify the technology in the hands of our customers.

All our decisions are based on the Values which we nurture, these values are backbone behind the decisions. We try to carry these values in our life, in the society we live.


We respect and admire our team and our customers. We try to fulfill their needs and respect their views for us whether its postive or negative.


We try to achieve our goal and to acquire the market with our efforts. Our mission is to present finest and inimitable solution yet cost effective one to acquire market.


We try to develop or renew our knowledge with updated information and technology to server better. We attempt to develop us by the feedbacks of our customers.